Conway Stewart "The Conway Pen" "Conway Stewart London" "No 485" C:1933-40 Also on the pen is written "THE ABBEY BOOKSHOP SHERBORNE" Button filler working, in original box with instructions. Excellent condition. SOLD

Conway Stewart 100. C: 1954-58 In original box. Very good to excellent condition. $500.00   SOLD                                                                                                                                                                                              

Conway Stewart No.27 Set. Blue Hatched. C:1952-63.     In original box with paper work.Very good to excellent. Working condition. Pencil eraser jammed in but whole.                                                      

The Conway Stewart No. 58 Set. Marbled Blue. C:1949-63 In original box, not matching pencil but found together. Pencil eraser not great. Both in working condition. Very good to excellent condition.   

The Conway Stewart No. 236 Set. Marbled Burgundy/Black C:1930-40 In original box with paper work. Very good working condition. No eraser in pencil.                                                                                        

Conway Stewart No. 84 Set. Marbled Green/gold veins. C:1952-63 in the original box with matching pencil very good to excellent, eraser in pencil broken. Working condition. Box a bit ragged.    

Conway Stewart No. 15. Marbled Green/Black Veins C:1952-63 In original Box. Very good to excellent. Working condition.                                                                      

The Conway Stewart No. 28. Cracked Ice. C:1950's Plated trim not great. In working condition. Early model. Ask any questions.      SOLD MPS 2018                                               

Conway Stewart "Scribe" In original box. Yellow/red/gold-brown/black ("Custard & rhubarb") C:1931-41 Black plastic at point not smooth finish. Rare. SOLD

Conway Stewart 16. Red/Black Candle Flame. C:1952-54. Very good to excellent condition.